5 Benefits of Travelling Solo

Travelling solo may sound scary, but those who experienced it will tell you it was one of their best experience!
Here are 5 benefits of travelling solo that will help you stepping into it.

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Increase your self-confidence

Travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone, being solo forces you to deal with everything by yourself.
You are entering a new environment, surrounded by a world in which you are a spectator.

By spectator, I mean you are just passing by so go beyond the fear of judgment and be yourself, be the person you want to be, the person you really are.
You will learn to become more comfortable with new environments, with meeting new people, you will make mistakes, learn from it and be proud of yourself.
You will also discover a new aspect of yourself, new traits of your personality, find out how capable you are.

Experience brings self-confidence.

Increase your sociability

Travelling solo doesn’t mean that you will be alone. It’s actually the opposite, it’s the best way to meet people. Unless you want to move as a lonely wolf, you’ll get to meet people.

Hostels are perfect places to meet fellow travellers and make friends. Everyone here is sharing the same desire for adventure.
Every new place is a good opportunity to be social,  for you to share stories, tips and parties.

You will also meet locals for food, ask you itinerary, activities, or any other reason. You should exchange, they are always really happy to talk about their countries/city and give tips.

Learn to know yourself

I won’t say that you will “find yourself” with travelling, but you will definitely discover new aspects of yourself.
It is a great opportunity to free your mind from your daily matters, explore your boundaries, discover new things you actually are interested in, some that you’re not.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”. Gustave Flaubert.

That is completely true, You will get to see the world from a greater perspective, understand that the world is so much bigger than yourself and that some of your issues, may not be that important.

Learning to know yourself also means, step back and take the time to look around you and be concerned by what is surrounding you. Take time to share and to give regardless what you may receive back.

Total freedom

A small tip when travelling solo: don’t plan too much!

Why? Because opportunities will arise if you leave room for it. Say yes to new plans, change your itinerary, extend a stay, follow people, the unknown might surprise you in a very good way.

That feeling of making last minute plans, that excitement rising because you don’t know what’s going to happen, that’s freedom. You get to decide, without any obligations, just let go and see what happens.

A few years ago I went backpacking solo in Thailand. I had a tiny idea about the places I wanted to go to but nothing very specific.
I left with just the first 3 nights booked in a hostel in Bangkok, for the rest I figured I’ll see there.
On the first day, at the hostel, I met a lot of people. Some were ending their trip, sharing stories and tips, some passing by, and some other starting like me. Out of these people, three guys, whom I really got along with, were also starting their trip and didn’t really have plans as well. The next day, we booked a night bus all together to Koh Tao, I cancelled my 3rd night and we started travelling together from one place to another around the country, splitting up, meeting up again. I spent almost my entire three weeks trip with these guys, it was really awesome to share adventures with each other.

Not planning the trip was definitely the best decision.

Opens up your mind

Travelling is about dealing with your present. Too much, in our daily life, we are dealing with the past or worry about the future and too often we forget to live the present.
That may sound cliche but it doesn’t make it less true.

Travelling solo allows you to focus on your present, on your actual experience, your mind is truly focused on what you are living, free from external parasites.
A great way to enjoy that freedom is to share it. Share your time with travellers, with locals, seek opinions, ideas, open up to everything that is new.

Share your experience in the comments, tell me what you think about it or just simply share some love 🙂

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