5 Steps to plan your next adventure


First of all, defining who will be involved in the trip you are planning is very important.
Whether you will be travelling solo, in a couple, with friends…

They will all be a great adventure and will bring you a different experience so it’s important to take that into consideration when first thinking of your next trip.


The question here is what experience are you looking for?

Travelling is a journey that you will fill with emotions, discoveries, experiences…

You need to give yourself 100% in it and for that you need to understand what you are interested in, what you would like to experience, to learn at that time.

Here are a few examples:

  • Meet people
  • Engage with local
  • Seek adventure
  • Free your mind from your daily life
  • Experience nature/wildlife
  • Learn a new language

Travelling has so much to offer but it is also important to be open for the unpredicted. Be open for a detour, for an extended stopover, for engaging a conversation, everything is an experience.

Where can I live that experience?

Many places in the world can offer the type of experience you are looking for that’s why it is important to be specific.

Now that you’ve understood what kind of trip you are looking for, it is time to figure out where you can go to live it.

There are probably a few places that could offer you what you are looking for. They all have their own style, charm and will make you live a different experience.

Maybe there is one that you are just more naturally attracted to, one that you have friends that just got back and loved it or you’re more of an adventurous and will just point your finger randomly on a world map to pick.

I wanted to experience wildlife/ nature/coast and some part a bit more developed, like a major city. I wanted to seek adventure through a road trip that would provide me with all of this. Somehow I am very attracted to the African continent, so I decided to go to South Africa. That was awesome and I definitely experienced all of that!


The best time to travel is when you feel like going. When you feel like you need it, you want it. There is something missing in your life, you are seeking adventure, you want to explore new horizons, challenge yourself, escape from your daily routine, reset… then it is time to travel.

What I also try to do when I travel to a country is pick a period in which it is not too touristy but also with good weather conditions. I really want to avoid the crowd and fully enjoy what the place has to offer. Being off season also gives you cheaper prices for flights, accommodations, rentals and activities.

But don’t struggle too much there, just pick a suitable period and take off!


Every individual will have different motivations when it comes to travel, every trip will be a quest for something new, something different. You might also just figure it out once over there.

You shouldn’t set too many expectations on what travelling can bring to your life, although it is one of the most rewarding experience.

Travelling is a moment out of your comfort zone, out of your daily routine, but also out of your problems. It’s a period in which you get to put your life on hold and live a new experience being fully dedicated to it.

Be open-minded and live full room to be surprised by encounters, cultures, landscapes…, but most of all by yourself. You will definitely surprise yourself out there!

Every experience will be awesome if you make it yours, live it all the way with no filter and bring your positivity 🙂


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