Cape Town: The Pocket Guide

Cape Town was the final step of the South African road trip. I spent there around 4 days, time enough to experience some of what the city has best to offer.
Here is a guide reviewing some of the must-do in Cape Town.


Population: 433,688
Main Languages: English, Afrikaans.
South African Rand (ZAR). Credit cards accepted almost everywhere.
Getting around: The best way is to rent a car, you can also Uber/Taxi.
Internet: Wifi is really slow and it is hard to find a connection. The best is to get a sim card and charge it with data.
Best time to go: From November until February.

Safety: Cape Town is “okay safe”.
Follow some good sense rules to avoid temptations.
Do not walk around at night, use a car or taxi.
I did not have any issues during my stay.

Cape Town was the final step of the South African road trip. I spent there around 4 days, time enough to experience some of what the city has best to offer.
Here is a guide reviewing some of the must-do in Cape Town.


My Favourites

– Bo-Kaap

Price: Free
What: Walk around this colourful neighbourhood that celebrates multicultural and freedom.
Why: To get the best Instagram picture of course 😉

– Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
R65 (adult)
What: Enjoy the Tree Canopy walk, the beautiful Botanic garden and the mindblowing view it offers.
Why: Because it’s damn worth it.

– Waterfront
What: Very touristic but really nice to walk around to. Enjoy the V&A food market and the Organic Farm market for some top quality products.
Why: The view is amazing, the vibe is authentic and the food is super nice.

– The Old Biscuit Mill
What: A vibrant little village in the heart of Woodstock where you’ll find very nice shops and restaurants.
Why: The Saturday morning food and craft market.

– Camps Bay & Clifton
Price: Free
What: Very nice beaches, restaurants, shops, there is even a tidal pool (cold and not clean but pretty cool for the Insta pic).
Why: Because it’s super hot out there and you want to get tanned while enjoying a nice healthy organic vegan smoothie.

 – Noordhoek Beach
What: Awesome large white sand beach at the edge of the Chapman’s Peak Drive.
Why: It’s beautiful and there is no tourist.

 – Chapman’s Peak Drive
Free (just some gas).
What: Beautiful road by the ocean.
Why: It leads to Noordhoek Beach and more.

 – Boulders
Price: Free for the town / R75 for Boulders Beach.
What: Nice little town with a lot of restaurants and shops.
Although, Boulders beach is, in my opinion, a bit overrated. To access, you need to pay and it’s super crowded, not worth that R75 Insta picture. But you’ll see penguins all around and along the wooden path.

 – Cape of Good Hope / Cape Point
R145 (adult)
What: Protected reserve offering a range of viewpoints, trails and of course the climb of Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point.
Why: You didn’t make it that far south of the globe not to see the southwestern point of the continent plus it is really beautiful and you god damn need that Insta picture!




– Carne
Absolutely amazing meat restaurant with an award-winning chef. The waiter will present you a platter with all the different piece of meat. He’ll have a story for each of them and will give you his favourite. A real experience to enjoy with some nice wine.
Price: €€€

– Villa 47
Surprising concept introducing two Italian restaurants on the first and third floor and a cocktail lounge on the second.
The ground restaurant, Locanda, is a relaxed Italian bistro where to experience regional speciality dishes. The finest ingredients from all around the world for total satisfaction. 
Price: €€

 – El Burro Taqueria
A super chilled place for authentic tears spicy Mexican cuisine in a vibrant area of Cape Town.
Small portions for you to try out more.
Price: €

– V&A Food Market
Located on the Waterfront, the V&A Food Market is offering a selection of locally produced artisan products and a variety of street foods that reflect the cultural heritage of South Africa.
Try out all the stands, it’s amazing!
Price: €

– Saucisse Boutique Deli
Situated in the Old Biscuit Mill (even more a reason to check it out), this family-run boulangerie and charcuterie encourage you to experiment with new tastes and flavours of local products. Their bread, meat and cheese are fantastic.
Price: €


Share your must-do and your best addresses in Cape Town 🙂

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