Thailand under 30€ a day

Typical costs in Thailand


Hostels costs around 250-500 THB (6€ – 13€) per night for a bed in a dorm.
Resorts are more expensive but still very decent, they start around 800 – 1000+ THB (from 20€).

Food & Drinks:

You can get a street food meal with drinks from 100-200 THB (2,50€ – 5€).
Restaurants are starting around 200THB excluding drinks.
A bottle of local Rhum at the 7-Eleven is around 300 THB (7,50€) and a beer 50THB (1€).
A bucket, cocktail of your choice, is around 150-200 THB (3-5€), check out the Happy Hours two for one!

Costs for activities will vary depending on the location and what you’d like to do of course.
To give you an idea, the entrance to the Grand Palace in Bangkok is 500 THB (13€) and the boat trip to Maya Bay on a shared long tale, which also includes a few other islands, costs around 500-700 THB (12-18€).
There are of course a lot of free things to do so you won’t be spending every day for activities.


Here are the typical costs for the transports in Thailand.
Taxi = 50-100 THB (in the cities) per ride and 200+ THB per person (on the islands).
Tuk-Tuk = 100-200 THB in Bangkok per person, and around 20-60 THB per person in the North.
Scooter = 100-200 THB per day.
Night Buses = 500-1000 THB (fair that also includes boat transfer when going to an island).

So what is my average spending a day?

Assuming you will stay in a hostel, eat street food, ride a scooter and do a cheap activity, a typical day would cost you around 950 – 1200 THB (25€ – 30€).



My tips
“Same Same but Different”

– Eat street food:
“The best Thai food is the street food”, that’s what everyone will tell you over there and it is definitely true. It’s fantastic, it’s cheap and it is healthy so what are you waiting for? Go and make some savings.

– Drink local alcohol:
Get local liquor and beers from the 7-Eleven, it is very decent and really cheap.
Also, you will discover the legendary buckets: “Strong cocktails”, “No headache guaranteed”, “Long sunrise on the sexy bikini beach”… Thai people are the best advertisers! A cheap way to get bananas.

– Hostels:
Best way to meet people, cheap way to travel.
Hostels are a very good opportunity to save money and are very nice for most of them. Check out Hostelworld for reviews and bookings.

– Nights buses and scooter:
Night buses are running all across the country, it’s cheap and it will save you a night of accommodation while saving you a day of travel.
Taxis are really expensive on the islands, so I recommend you to rent a scooter and be careful when ridding (dogs are your worst enemies). Make sure to have an international driving licence and don’t let you get screwed by the police. If getting arrested, tell them you’ll call the hostel or the embassy, they should let you go (if you’re not at fault).

– Negotiate everything:
“I’m not gay but 20€ is 20€.”
Everything is negotiable. Transports, goods, drinks… you can drop off the price by more than two sometimes.
Just be respectful and offer what you think is a reasonable price.

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