6 Reasons you should go Backpacking in Thailand

What to expect?

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world for Backpackers, you will then meet a lot of fellow travellers seeking adventure, sharing their best tips & stories and always down to party.

Tourism in Thailand is very developed so it is safe, easy to get around and Thai people are just the nicest. They smile all the time, they’ll help you out with everything and make your trip even more incredible.


6 Reasons you should go backpacking in Thailand

1- It’s cheap

Thailand is one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia. You can literally live on 20-30€ a day in Thailand. You sleep for less than 10€ in a hostel, you eat for less than 3€ a meal and get the best street food, drinks, taxis, scooter rental, all very cheap with a good quality service.

2- You will meet people

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Backpackers. You will meet people from all around the world, easy to actually recognize western people and engage a conversation.
Hostels are the best spots to make friends if you are travelling solo and find yourself some travel mates.

3- Dream landscapes

From the tropical jungle in the North to the paradisiac islands in the South, Thailand will blow your mind.
Amazing beaches, waterfalls, rice fields, forests and cheeky monkeys, you’ll just fell in love.

4- Party

Beach parties, jungle parties, full moon parties, boat parties, you name it. Thailand is mastering at throwing exotic fiestas.
Cocktails are served in buckets with strong local liquor that will dress your hairs up, fire shows on the beach, glow paint all over your face, that’s the way baby!

5- Culture

Over 90% of the Thai people are Buddhist, most likely the reason why they are so nice and smiling all the time.
Shining temples, golden Buddhas, amazing food, this very traditional culture will never stop to impress you.

6- Adventure

Chaotic Bangkok, legendary Koh San Road, night buses, tuk-tuks, everything in Thailand is an adventure.
Standing up the next morning is a bless and an opportunity to go for more. Embrace the Kingdom of Siam and live the experience all the way.


Where to go?

– North:

Chiang Mai, Pai or Chang Rai, the North part of Thailand is more chilled. Tropical forest and hippie-style hostels in the middle of rice fields, there is a really nice atmosphere and it is very authentic.

– South:
Complete different decor with exotic beaches, crystal clear water and lots of parties, the South part of Thailand knows very well how to attract Backpackers.
Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi and many more, these paradisiac islands will remain in your head forever.


Is backpacking in Thailand for me?

– Solo:

Male, female, Thailand is the perfect destination for travelling solo. You will never be alone anyway, it is very easy to meet people and hostels are full of solo backpackers.

– Friends and couples:
Romantic getaway or round trip with your mates, backpacking is definitely going to be an awesome experience.


When to go?

Backpackers are travelling around Thailand all year round so you’ll never be alone.

Now when it comes to the seasons,  from May until October it is the rainy season, November-February is cool and March-May is dry.

I personally travelled there twice in August-September, indeed it can rain sometimes but just a couple of hours a day, rest of the day being shiny most of the time.
So if that’s your only availability you will still enjoy it, no worries.



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