Author: Adrien Olinger

The best Parties in Thailand

Besides having beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and tropical jungles, Thailand is master at hosting some of the most incredible parties in the world.
Full moon, half moon, no moon, every day is an opportunity to down some Mojito buckets in paradise…

Australia: The Pocket Guide

I have been twice to Australia, I lived there for about a year, both were incredible experiences.  Most wanted destination in the travellers’ community, Australia is the land of promises. 
The promise of world-class beaches, the promise of tropical weather, the promise of incredible parties, the promise of an amazing and open culture. The promise of a wild and memorable adventure…

Laos: The Pocket Guide

Beautiful landscapes, back in time experience, Laos has a very traditional culture with a rural life. I travelled across the country for 10 days, crossed jungles and rivers, explored caves and enjoyed amazing food.
Laos is all about adventure and experience…